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Republican president-elect Donald Trump

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

With all that has gone on with President Trump’s reckless Tweet’s you will find it amazing that people of color are still willing to support him.

CNN’s Van Jones went to Pennsylvania to ask some voters first who voted for Trump then who will vote for him again. Shockingly enough a young brotha said not only did he vote for Trump he is planning on giving his vote again.

When Van Jone’s asked the young man why, his response was he was raised in a conservative family and although he is concerned about the rhetoric that come’s from Trump’s Tweets the reality of it is he feels that as a businessman Trump being in office has been good for him in business.

I find it interesting that although a man can have a problem with the color of your skin, you can set that aside for the all mighty dollar. #IJS

Take a look at the video below

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