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Nasir Jones has had an interesting career in hip hop.

His debit album Illmatic dropped in 1994 and was considered an instant classic. Never before had the rap game heard someone so young rap with such control, popularizing lyricsm beyond the walls of New York City, and putting the rap world on notice of a new wave that he never even meant to create. Over the next decade he would continue to release music in the same vein, garnering more and more fans and respect with It Was Written (1996) and I Am (1999). However, also in 1999 he dropped Nastradaumus, who most hard core fans consider his worst work to date.

Nas would manage to stay ‘just relevant enough’ over the next 20 years. His beef with Jay-Z birthed Ether, a song that a large faction of rap believes to be the best overall dis-record of all time. However, while Nas may have won the battle with the proverbial knockout blow that Ether was and is, he undoubtedly lost the war of both the King of New York (as he was vying for at the time), and best rapper in the world, as Jigga secured both titles with his complete body of work.

Still, Nas Stans still abound, and look forward to his most recent release, The Lost Tapes 2.

Check it out and let us know what you think!


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