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Now I know for a fact I hated and I really mean hated 3 of my teachers from elementary to high school and many times I would wish that something would happen to them either over night or on their way to work but my wish never came true. I even thought about pushing one teacher down the steps , no cap , I really hated this guy Mr. Droll and wished bad things to happen to him each and everyday. Now everything that I did was mental , if they could read minds back then I would’ve been thrown under the jail. And even though I thought about bad things happening I never acted on any of my thoughts because my mom’s would’ve beat my ass and I don’t even want to think what my dad would’ve done to me. There was no way I could’ve done what these 8 Olentangy students did, putting semen in the teachers food I just down right disgusting. What’s even crazier with me is that even though I hated certain teachers it didn’t stop me from becoming a teacher and I taught for 9 years and after sitting on the other side of that desk I now know that the teachers I hated I should’ve never gave them any grief at all they were all helping me the whole time but I couldn’t see it nor did I want to see it at the time. But now these students that did more than me are facing jail time and suspension from school, the 2 teens that admitted guilt after facing 20 to 90 days in juvenile detention 100 hours of community service, a psychological assessment, counseling and a written letter of apology to the victim. As a teacher I really don’t know if I could get over this to be honest I would sue everybody!! Full Story Here 

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