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Source: NurPhoto / Getty

The husband and wife were tossing out treats to their dog, which lead to one of them ending up inside the camel’s fence.


A couple went to Tiger Truck Stop in South Louisiana, and got to see Casper the Camel, a popular attraction.

Things were going fine until their dog went inside the fence protecting Casper from the public.

The camel ended being frightened to a point where he sat on the woman.

CNN and FOX8.com picks it up from there:

“And camel’s are going to naturally are gonna sit down. Well, when he sat down, she was underneath him. I might feel kinda funny saying this on TV, but she actually bit him in his private area, that’s about a nice is I can put it,” said Pamela Bossier, the manager.

The camel is fine, but the woman was later treated.

That didn’t stop the couple from being cited for trespassing and not having their dog on a leash.


Article Courtesy of CNN and WJW Fox 8 News Cleveland

First and Second Picture Courtesy of NurPhoto and Getty Images

Video Courtesy of YouTube and WSLS-TV Roanoke, Virginia

How a Woman Used Her Teeth to Get Away From a 600-Pound Camel  was originally published on wzakcleveland.com