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One year ago a Black man in Dallas was shot and killed by a police officer in his own apartment. Now, the officer who pulled the trigger is claiming that she shot in self defense.

Civil Rights Lawyer Benjamin Crump is representing Botham Jean’s family. Jean was an “innocent 26-year-old Black boy” he says. Former police officer Amber Guyger claims that she mistook Jean’s apartment for her own and believed that he was an intruder. “It’s only in America that this could happen,” Crump says, “a white police officer can kill a black man in his own apartment” and play the victim.

Guyger and her defense team are trying to paint the picture that “it was all a mistake and she didn’t mean it” so we should feel bad for her he says. “If she can get away with this where will Black people be safe from police shooting them in America,” Crump says.

Guyger plans to take the stand in her own defense and Crump hopes that she’s treated how any Black person would be treated on the stand.

The trial is taking place in Dallas, Texas after a failed attempt by Guyger and her team to have it moved.

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