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Today is International day of the girl and Jacque Reid feels like it’s the perfect day to talk about female empowerment! She goes Inside Her Story with Nikki Brown, who is a sexual freedom strategist, better known as “the coochie coach.”

Jacque Reid asks the question most parents have, how young is too young and how old is too late to teach our girls about sex?

Brown says, “body positivity begins at birth.” As soon as her daughter was born she began talking to her about her body and giving her positive language. She says her daughter is almost six and still “walks around in her birthday suit” without feeling the need to “cover up,” but understands she can only do that at home.

“We’ve been identifying her vagina from the time she was old enough to touch it herself,” Brown says. Her goal is to interrupt the conversations that both her son and daughter may have about female anatomy and sex outside of the home. As far as intercourse, she believes that 10 or 11 is a “great age” to start having that conversation.  “Technology is teaching our children if we are not teaching them,” she says and the best place for our children to recieve sexual education is at home.

Learn more about Brown and her beliefs at and on social media @TheCoochieCoach.

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