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Deontay Wilder

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2019 has been one hell of a year for Deontay Wilder — and it looks like things are getting even better for boxing champ. According to reports, the WBC Heavyweight is set to guest star on an upcoming episode of CBS’ MAGNUM P.I.

In Friday night’s episode, entitled “Knights Last Forever”, Kumu and Higgins are in danger when Robin’s Nest is under siege by mercenaries storming the estate in order to find out the true identity of the White Knight, Robin’s muse and literary hero. Also, Rick and T.C. helps one of Rick’s employees (played by Deontay Wilder) when his car is stolen, and Higgins finally gives Magnum an answer about if she’ll become his partner.

With so many wonderful things happening for his career right now, it’s amazing that Wilder has time to be a television star too. But in his own words, athletes have done it before, and they still are “to this day!” Check out this behind the scenes clip of Deontay spending another day in paradise on the set of Magnum P.I.

Acting very well may be apart of this guy’s future. Deontay is pretty much good at anything he sets his mind to.

“People have to realize that God has blessed me with power. He hasn’t got me this far for no reason. I feel like God has a plan for me in this sport. That’s how I have came up this fast.”

Catch Wilder tonight on Magnum P.I. tonight @ 9PM ET on CBS.

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