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For the past 6 weeks, I’ve had the great pleasure of being a part of the ATF Citizens Class. In this class, we had the chance to go behind the scenes of the ATF and learn exactly how things work. One thing I can tell you right off the back is that they do not investigate alcohol and tobacco so if you are in a corner store and see someone by a single cigs or someone under age get some liquor the ATF is not the call you need to make. What I learned from my class instructor Suzanne Dabkowski who is the Public Information Officer for the ATF is that “They’re looking at our specific areas, the Gun Control Act, the National Firearms Act and the Safe Explosives act are basically the three laws that we have to enforce,” What I also found amazing is that the ATF is one of the smallest organizations in law enforcement in the country with just over 5,000 employees nationwide. The ATF tracks down the gun traffickers, the people who commit major arson, and explosives. To me, the best part of the class was when we had the chance to do an actual simulation of an officer-involved shooting we learned 1st hand what officers go through when they come face to face with a situation and have to make a split-second decision. From domestic violence to a hostage situation to dealing with a person off their meds. We also got a chance to go to the range and learn how to shot the guns they use every day and in case you were wondering I did excellently. Now I can’t wait to help others understand the ATF and put to bed some of these rumors when it comes to the ATF. And oh yeah I was on TV here’s what I said “I decided to take this class so I can let people know in the community, there are a bunch of rumors and myths around when there’s a police-officer involved shooting, around the ATF, around police period,” said Terrence City Newwss Sigers, Radio One Assistant Director of on-air talent. Full Story and Video Here

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