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WondaGurl Aztrek 96

Source: Reebok / Reebok

Producer WondaGurl is next up to drop a shoe as part of Reebok’s It’s a Man’s World collaboration. WondaGurl embodies the “It’s A Man’s World” message by breaking barriers in the music world, and she worked with Reebok to update the brand’s classic Aztrek 96.

“I just knew I wanted the shoe black. I’m just simple. I don’t really like to show myself off,” WonderGurl said via press release.

Let’s refresh your memory. Back in the summer, we reported that Reebok had teamed up with branding and marketing wiz Jazerai Allen-Lord to select a crew of phenomenal women to design a shoe. Allen Lord’s Classic C was first up as part of the collaboration, but WondaGurl got next.

WondaGurl Aztrek 96

Source: Reebok / Reebok

WondaGurl Aztrek 96

Source: Reebok / Reebok

After breaking into the music scene at 16, Ebony Naomi Oshunrinde, AKA WondaGurl, continues to make a name for herself, working with the likes of Big Sean, Travis Scott, Jay Z, Drake, SZA, Rihanna and more. But today’s product of WondaGurl’s creative genius is her shoe, simply designed in black and white, made out of 3M material, and with a purple smiley face patch placed on the heel, which represents WondaGurl’s signature, “Enjoy Life.”

“It’s my motto really. It’s funny how it started. My bro walked out of the studio and I said “alright, enjoy life!” That was literally the first time I ever said it, and I was like “wow, this is kind of cool” she says.

When exposed to a camera flash, the shoe’s 3M material unveils unique graphics such as audio waves and a USB symbol representing WondaGurl’s wrist tattoo.

“The USB is literally the most important thing to me. Literally everything I need goes through the USB.”

WondaGurl’s Aztrek 96 will be available on November 5th in all sizes for men and women via  Sanne Poeze of Girl on KicksKimberly Drew, and Anhia Zaira Santana (Distordedd) are also on deck to release their own It’s a Man’s World shoes through January.


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