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Sam Sylk and Actress/Comedian Mo'Nique

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Here is something that is fact, whenever there is something that is going on in her life and her career that blogs/news sources/internet is printing for viral content purposes, Oscar winning actress/comedian Mo’Nique flies into Cleveland, OH and pays a visit to her brother Sam Sylk, Radio One mid-day radio host on 93.1 WZAK and gives her side of what others have read, straight from her mouth.

In this exclusive live in-studio interview Sam Sylk asks Mo’Nique about the nature of her and Steve Harvey’s relationship after a heated interview about how she is handling her career, about being black balled and asking people to boycott Netflix. Sam Sylk also asked the question, did Mo’Nique think that because she asked people to boycott Netflix it opened up opportunity for others to have shows on there now? Sam Sylk also wanted to know why is she suing Netflix?

Mo’Nique says she can’t assume but according to what she has read and what has been said it seems that once she spoke out about Netflix these other opportunities began to happen, but when you are in a lawsuit these things will be explained and will come out. Mo’Nique says that although she might be hurting her career, if she didn’t step out she would be only worrying about securing her bag, and being selfish. She also said that Steve Harvey is her brother and she loves that man, their interview wasn’t an argument, but a disagreement, but when Steve Harvey spoke about moves Mo’Nique was making he said to hell with your integrity so your family won’t crumble but Mo’Niques response to that is, if you don’t have any integrity your family has already crumbled, she doesn’t care about pulling up to a mansion in a Rolls Royce, when we got so caught up into chasing the bag we stopped chasing our families.

The conversation between Sam Sylk and Mo’Nique was heavy in knowledge yet at times funny and light, bringing tears of the reality of the struggle, laughter as well as joy.

You can also check out Mo’Nique all weekend long at the Cleveland Improv.

Take a look at the exclusive interview with Mo’Nique on the Sam Sylk Show, live in studio below

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