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Good Morning Everybody.

I’m not sure if you watched any of the impeachment hearings yesterday, but Donald Trump is absolutely going to be impeached. Donald Trump has had many horrible weeks during his three years in office, but I might go as far to say that this week has been the single worst week for Donald Trump and that yesterday was the worst day of the worst week he has ever had. Let me tell you why.

Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s primary defense of Donald Trump is never on the facts. They like to say that the efforts against him are a partisan witch hunt, but yesterday, one of the biggest Trump supporters in the country, Gordon Sondland, testified for nearly 10 hours. Sondland, a conservative, rich hotel owner from the Pacific Northwest, gave over $1 million to help fund the Trump inauguration, and in return was made the United States Ambassador to the European Union. Trump enjoys calling everybody who testifies against him a “Never Trumper,” but Gordon Sondland is the epitome of a Trump supporter.

And because of that, people had somewhat low expectations for what Gordon Sondland was going to testify too, but the man has clearly lawyered up, and was absolutely advised by his attorneys to spill the beans, because straight out of the gate, Gordon Sondland, like Tekashi 6-9, named every name, told every story, and made it clear that he was not going to be the fall guy for the Trump administration.

If you aren’t clear, Democrats are holding impeachment hearings because Donald Trump illegally withheld nearly half a billion dollars of emergency aid to Ukraine that had already been approved and allocated by Congress, Trump was withholding that aid until their President announced that he was  going to launch an investigation into one of Trump’s political rivals, Joe Biden. It’s a form of extortion. It’s bribery. And it’s a gross, unethical abuse of power.

Well, for months, leading Republicans, including Senator Lindsay Graham and others, have said that evidence of a quid pro quo was produced, then it would be damaging in their eyes, but they didn’t believe any such evidence existed. Well, yesterday, in his opening statement, Gordon Sondland said that Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, working on behalf on Trump himself, indeed put forth a quid pro quo, saying that Trump would not meet with the Ukrainian government, and would not release their aid, until President Zelinsky of Ukraine literally went to a microphone and announced he was investigating Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. This went on first for weeks, then months. Mind you, that foreign aid had already been approved and was supposed to be in the hands of another government who was fighting in a war with Russia – another reason Trump is likely to have delayed it.

But Sondland not only testified to the quid pro quo, which just means, I’ll only give you something, if you give me something, he named every single White House staffer and cabinet member who knew all about it and said and did nothing to stop it.

It was so explosive, that I heard rumors that some Democrats in the House considered going ahead and holding a floor vote for impeaching Donald Trump right then and there. As Republicans continue to blather on about the identity of a whistleblower, what’s clear is that it doesn’t matter who the whistleblower is at this point, the testimony against Donald Trump, not just from Gordon Sondland, but from another Trump staffer, Timothy Morrison, and so many others, is absolutely damning.

The new Republican defense is that what Trump did is not a crime because it didn’t work. In essence they are saying that attempted robbery is not a crime since the robbery didn’t actually work, but of course it is. Some them are now arguing that this wasn’t even an attempted robbery, but was just a plan that never got off the ground, but the criminal code even has a word for that, it’s a conspiracy to commit a crime. Either way, Trump abused his office for months on end, all in the name of trying to nail Joe Biden.

And I’ll close with this thought. Gordon Sondland said one more thing that I think nailed Trump to the wall. Trump and his supporters have been telling the lie that Trump really cares about corruption, and that this was all because Trump wanted to root out corruption in Ukraine, but Sondland testified yesterday that Trump didn’t actually care if Ukraine ever investigated the Bidens. He didn’t care if the investigation ever actually happened, he just wanted them to announce that it was going to happen. This was all an elaborate PR hoax from Trump.

And I think we’re now only a matter of days or weeks before he is impeached in the House.

Shaun King: ‘Donald Trump Is Absolutely Going To Be Impeached’  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com