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Bill Cosby at the Montgomery County Courthouse

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After giving an interview claiming his innocence, Bill Cosby continues to go at it against those he has serious issues with.  This time, he is taking shots at the press.

The day after Thanksgiving, Mr. Cosby sent out some tweets on his Twitter page where called media that isn’t “Black” the same popular term that U.S. President Donald Trump loves to use: “Fake News.”

Cosby even used the phrase “The Truth is in the Pudding” in reference to his popular stint as a Jell-O spokesman.

In his second tweet, Cosby makes his targets more clear:

He wants Black Press USA and all “Black” media to be supported, not those he considers “fake.”

This is the same Black Press USA that Cosby recently gave an interview with since he had started his sentence.

From Complex:

Cosby told the outlet that he has less than a year before he’s eligible for parole. The parole board is usually looking for prisoners to show remorse for their crimes, which is something Cosby refuses to do.

He also feels that he should not be in prison and declares himself on Twitter as “The Educator & The Political Prisoner.”


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