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An Oklahoma Starbucks has apologized to a police officer after he had received a cup with the word “PIG” on its label.  The coffeehouse even took further action by firing the employee responsible for the inappropriate label.

This started after that officer tweet a photo of the infamous Starbucks that has since gone viral.

Did we mention all of labels on each of the five cups the officer received had the “PIG” name?

So how did the mess get started in the first place?  Here is Bossip with the details:

The officer stopped by a Starbucks in to grab five cups of coffee for all his dispatchers working on the holidays. After spotting the words on the cup, he called and spoke to the Starbucks manager who simply offered to reprint the label for him.

Kiefer’s Police Chief Johnny O’Mara has since spoke on how “absolute and total disrespect” the labels have shown to that officer, but does not think the employee should be fired.

The topic was later discussed on Fox News Channel.

Some good did come out of the situation, with Starbucks and the Kiefer Police Department planning to host a “Coffee With a Cop” event.


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