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The holiday season is full of joy and laughter and fun times with family. However, with that also comes risks. The major shopping that takes places throughout the holidays, has also become a feeding ground for thieves!

It literally only takes a moment for someone to take it upon themselves to trespass on your property and potentially leave with your brand new Christmas gift! During this time of year when packages are left behind from delivery trucks, “package thefts are…on the rise,” said Columbus Police Sergeant James Fuqua.

With Black Friday kicking off a highly anticipated shopping weekend, online holiday shopping continues to reach record levels. This results in a record amount of packages being delivered and unfortunately, thieves know it.

According to the Edelman Research Firm, last year 23 million Americans had packages stolen by “porch pirates” and the value of the items stolen usually ranges from $50 to $100.

Columbus Police say it’s time to be proactive and protect yourself. The first piece of advise if you’re planning to get deliveries over the next month, be sure to make arraignments to sign for the package. That way you’re guaranteed to get it.

Another option to avoid “porch pirates” includes making arrangements to have someone at your home like a friend or neighbor to grab your packages. Also, if possible, try to have your package delivered to your workplace.

Sergent Fuqua also suggests that if all else fails, “you can request that you hide it either behind an object on the porch or if you have a garage, in a corner where it can’t be seen.”

Super shoppers might want to consider purchasing lock boxes where packages can be placed and thieves can’t get to it. Doorbell cameras are also proving to be a helpful deterrent for thieves according to police.

Statistics show that only a small number, about 10%, of “porch pirates” are caught but police say taking proactive steps to try and avert thieves can assist with the problem and is better than doing nothing at all.

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