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Nipsey Hussle was Lauren London’s biggest fan. Months after his untimely death, the actress is opening up about her healing process. Lauren sat down with GQ where she revealed she’s still processing that he is gone while trying to remain strong for her children.

Going into detail about how they met, Lauren revealed they met through a mutual friend. Nipsey asked her out and on their first date they drove around “the city.”

‘To my surprise he knew my aunt,” she explained. “So we pull up to my aunt’s house to eat. He had called her. Later that night we drove down PCH and talked for hours. I would consider that our first date. Before that, we had talked on the phone for like eight hours, but [this] was the first time we were face-to-face. We started kicking it every day for weeks, and then I realized that we never went to dinner and had, like, a proper first date. From there, it was just…easy. It felt so natural for us to be in each other’s lives.”

Lauren and Nipsey had a lot in common, including food. “We would go to Little Ethiopia a lot and eat at Merkato. He introduced me to Eritrean and Ethiopian cuisine. He loved Mexican food and anything really spicy—he would add extra jalapeños. I was always making him tacos. Always.”

Lauren described Nipsey as “spontaneous,” “gentle” and “fun.” He was also super supportive and when she was feeling insecure about the weight she gained after having their son Kross.

“We were in the bathroom putting on our clothes, and all of it was music-video, model-esque clothing. I’m like, “I can’t fit in anything, I’m overweight.” This was the first time I was taking pictures after the baby. And he’s like, “You’re beautiful, I’m gonna make this work. Don’t trip, Boog. Keep your energy up.”

“So he comes out and was like, “We gotta get her right.” So they set up another fitting for me, later that day. Me and him stayed in the area, went out to eat, and sat in the car and talked until the fitting. I’m all nervous like, “I hope these clothes fit.” He was so supportive—like making tea for me—and he sat through my whole fitting. Every time I would come out in new clothes, he would clap: “Look at how fly you look. You gonna kill it.”

Lauren wouldn’t open up about the last day of Nipsey’s life. “I still have to be strong for my children,” she said. “I have a three-year-old that’s still asking, ‘Where is Daddy?’ He doesn’t understand the concept of death.”

Read the full interview, here.


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