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Earlier this month Michelle Williams broke her year-long musical hiatus by appearing on FOX’s “The Masked Singer.” Just ahead of her performance, Williams sat down with Billboard and discussed being made to feel insecure about her voice because it was not recognized by mainstream fans and realizing that she was not a vocal favorite during her time in Destiny’s Child.

“Because I’ve done a lot of gospel, so I’m kind of insecure because mainstream [fans] don’t know my voice,” she told the publication. “And sometimes social media… it’s bad when you read the comments. I like engaging with people on social media. I don’t want to not talk to the people that are being gracious all because there are some mean ones out there. But sometimes before you get to the nice ones you have to get through a couple mean ones. Apparently, I don’t have the most commercially appealing voice or whatever. People have their favorites, but vocally I was not a favorite in the group, and that stuck with me.”

“It’s not that I was second-guessing, I’m just aware. Some people are like, ‘Oh my God, they said it stuck with her.’ No, it didn’t stick with me. You know, sometimes you’re just aware that you’re not everybody’s favorite and that’s okay. I still got paid!”

Williams went on to imply that her ranking with Destiny’s Child fans has in no way contributed to her struggles with depression.

It’s great the Michelle has been able to guard herself and her emotions from the criticism of others.

Watch a clip from her interview below:

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