Year round it is always better to ensure that you stay safe. That includes locking up your home and car, as well as not walking alone at night or being aware and alert when you have to. It can be a major headache installing extra security measures, like cameras and motion lights, however you can never be to covered these days.

The Columbus Police Department is warning drivers and residents about an alarming number of car break-ins arising during the holiday season, especially in the Short North.

The perpetrators seem to use a repeated method of smashing windows, ransacking the vehicle and leaving piles of shattered glass behind throughout the area. Since the beginning of the December, 35 car break-ins have been reported to CPD.

“They’re pretty consistent, like every other day they steal something out of my car,” resident, Nick Holderbaun said. He also said someone smashed his girlfriend’s car window this month too.

“She has a target box in there that they saw and she had damage to her trunk and they broke that open and stole a lamp out of there,” he continued. He warns others to just leave their cars empty.

“The smartest thing you can do is don’t leave anything important out there,” Holderbaun said.

There was a break in reported on East Lincoln Street where the victims’ window was shattered, however the woman said the thieves didn’t even take anything. Another report, says a man’s car was parked on East Hubbard Avenue, with yet another shattered window but this time his briefcase was stolen.

Sergeant James Fuqua with the CPD explained that there has been an influx of break-ins this time of year.

“Particularly this time of year there is an increase due to holidays and people are always into crimes of opportunities.” Sgt. Fuqua said. “If someone comes up and they see a video camera inside a car they will be less likely to engage to get into that car,” Sgt. Fuqua said.

He was referring to some methods to steer potential thieves away, stating that the “new thing to do” is to install a dash cam, as well as parking in well-lit areas and having neighbors look out for your car.

CPD crime mapping reports shows that the majority of break-ins happen on Wednesdays. Police advise everyone trafficking the area that there are additional patrol units in the Short North area and around the city this time of year in attempts to prevent any break-ins.

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