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Source: Ivan Nikolov/ / WENN

‘Empire’ is in the middle of its final season, and one of its producers had indicated that Jussie “Jamal” Smollett might return for at least an appearance in of the last few episodes.

Unfortunately for fans of both the show and actor-singer, that no longer appears to be the case.

An executive for Fox has just revealed that Smollett will not be returning to ‘Empire.’

Not even for a brief cameo.

From Uproxx:

As early as last year there were reports that Empire may be open to Smollett’s return. But according to The Wrap, Fox entertainment head Michael Thorn says Smollett would not return despite some quotes from Empire showrunner Brett Mahoney that it would be “weird” to finish the show without him.

Mahoney added that he was hoping for Smollett to return to the show, and that the network would for him to appear.  Now, it does not look like it will happen.

A denial to reprise the role that has made him famous appears to be another nail in his career coffin for the actor-singer, following a year that has include legal battles, controversy, and one bizarre circumstances after another.

Where you hoping for Jussie Smollett to return to ‘Empire’ one more time during its final season?


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Article Courtesy of Uproxx

First Picture Courtesy of Nuccio DiNuzzo and Getty Images

Second Picture Courtesy of Ivan Nikolov and WENN

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