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Don’t let scammers use your good heart against you.

It’s a shame we even have to warn people about heartless scammers who will try to take advantage of people during the Kobe Bryant tragedy, but it’s reality.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) says during the time of famous people passing,  fans and collectors become eager for memorabilia and information. Scammers know this and have multiple ways to try to steal from you.

Limited Edition Dwyane Wade Gatorade Memorabilia

Source: Bernard Smalls / iOne Digital

One way is called “spear phishing,” which is when emails are sent to an individual, organization or business with a headline meant to catch your eye. These emails lie saying they from reputable sources claiming they have exclusive news or images and contain a link…DO NOT CLICK ON IT! Doing so can lead to hacking of your email account and sensitive information.

Another method is called “clickbate,” which are posts claiming to have new, trending, newsworthy information that have sensationalized headlines claiming the news is breaking or urgent. They will use words like “never before seen,” or “exclusive,” but the BBB says DO NOT CLICK ON IT!

These tricks are not just limited to websites and emails but as well as social media too.

Even if these emails, links or posts are sent by a friend BEWARE because the BBB says that in a lot of cases they see, your friend may also have been hacked and now are going through contacts to keep spreading the scam.

The best practice is to ignore these emails, links, and posts and/or hover your mouse over the link to see the true destination for the hyperlink.

Source: 10TV

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