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Marc is committed to humiliating Kenya. Like, really committed. It’s weird to watch Kenya put up with him when we know how feisty she is. She doesn’t hesitate to be as mean as she wants to be with the other women in the circle, but when Marc pokes her it’s crickets. We discussed a situation earlier this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta about how a husband and wife should be unified. For example, if the wife feels some type of way about someone then the husband shouldn’t be trying to invite that person to social events. 

In this case, we’re talking about NeNe. NeNe and Kenya don’t get along but Marc has long made it clear that he has no problems with Gregg or NeNe and he doesn’t care that Kenya isn’t comfortable with it. Marc and Kenya end up having a couple’s bowling event. Kenya made it clear that she didn’t want NeNe to come. But she also tagged Gregg in the event online but not NeNe, which was typical of her type of shade. However, Marc invited both Gregg and NeNe anyway. He then told Kenya that this is what it was and she sheepishly agreed despite the fact that you could see that she was uncomfortable when NeNe rolled through. Marc also called her “Ken” repeatedly and it sounded more like a slur than it was a nickname. 


He also made a joke about drowning Kenya earlier in the episode. Look, this is all somewhere between tragic and entertaining because it is a reality show and there’s a strong chance that Kenya is putting up with this because in some sick way it’s a storyline. 

However, if this were any of our friends irl, we’d be concerned.  I’m no psychologist but it seems as if Kenya is in an emotionally abusive relationship. If this is real, then she gotta get out. If this is for a storyline that’s even worse because some many people actually go through emotionally abusive relationships, which are nothing to play with. 


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