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As if we need another reason to feel old, Clueless turned 20 today. Chances are, you’ve watched this cult class at least 42 times (like we have), so you know that Clueless defined a generation. The film’s director, Amy Heckerling captured the voice of rich west coast teens, but made them endearing, hilarious and complex.

Not to mention, this was a time when we could not only stomach Stacey Dash, but we loved her as Dionne and wanted her to be our girl. (But then, alas, time and her stupid comments that came with it, changed all of that).

Clueless was clearly before its time. Many of the movie’s most iconic moments are trends that exist now or are yet to. Check out the ways Clueless may have just predicted the future.

The Selfie

The Cell Phone Obsession

The Boom Of Plastic Surgery

Standing Up To Street Harassment



The Obsession With Makeovers

Gay BFFs


No One Liking Anything That Comes Out Of Stacey Dash’s Mouth

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