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One of the big issues the nation is dealing with pertaining to the coronavirus is the limitations on available tests.  Many people are walking around that may be infected with COVID-19 and not even know it.

According to Business Insider, “Abbott Laboratories announced Friday that the FDA approved the emergency use of its new Abbott ID NOW COVID-19 test, which can deliver positive test results for the novel coronavirus in five minutes and negative results in 13.”

The test is the size of a toaster and can be used at any health care facility, a physicians office or urgent care clinics.  Abbott Labs will kick up the production to crank out upwards of 50,000 units per day beginning next week.

This is certainly good news since so many people are waiting on results on whether or not they have the virus.  Let’s all practice safe precautions and adhere to all the advice the professionals are sharing.  We need to curve this virus, but it takes everyone contributing.