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The Marley name is Legendary around the world. Bob Marley made that possible with his legacy of spreading the good word of peace and love in music. His children have kept the Marley name moving by continuing to spread Bob’s message and by creating their own legacies. One son, Ky-Mani Marley, is giving a first hand look into the life of growing up a Marley with his new book. Here is one journalists experience in meeting Ky-Mani Marley here in Columbus, OH for his book signing.


29 years after his father’s death, Ky Mani Marley releases a book, his bird eye view of his childhood endeavors going up a Marley. Ky-Mani is a Grammy nominated reggae-music artist, film actor and son to legendary reggae icon Bob Marley. Born in Falmouth, Jamaica in 1976, his road to the world stage was bent with challenges and even poverty growing up on the streets of Miami, Florida. Estranged to his 10 other siblings and family fortune early in his life, Ky-Mani fatefully discovered his inherent musical talent and arose to record 4 critically acclaimed albums, including the mega-hit entitled “Dear Dad”.

As I began driving toward the Lennox running behind on time, I began thinking in my head. “I’m really about to meet a Marley!” As I picked out my contact at the Barnes and Noble bookstore, I was ready to get the interview over with and relax. But to my advantage, he had not arrived yet. So I sat in a little corner, where I was told the book signing would be, until he arrived. Near the front of the bookstore, was a small group of people that surrounded what appeared to be a stage. At 2:15, a bald headed man walks up to me and I speak before he opens his mouth. “Are you Babs with the public relations firm?” “No” he says, “I’m Dr. Farrah Grey, the publisher”. READ MORE