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1. Barack Backs Biden

What You Need To Know:

Honesty, humility, empathy, and grace…with those words, President Obama cited what is needed, not only in the local and state leadership but in the Oval Office. Joe Biden is the man with those characteristics to lead the nation out of….this.

2. As Food Pantries Struggle To Provide, Food Waste Soars Amid Pandemic

What You Need To Know:

The coronavirus pandemic is challenging the food industry and food banks in unprecedented ways as they adjust to sudden shifts in consumer habits.

3. Coronavirus Update: Fauci Cautions Against Reopening The U.S. Too Soon After Clash With Trump

What You Need To Know:

Many citizens are anxious to leave their homes and get back to work. But according to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease doctor, the U.S. is “not there yet.

4. Philly Changes Policy On Masks After Man Is Dragged Off Bus

What You Need To Know:

Last week, out of an abundance of caution, the Philadelphia transit system, or SEPTA, announced in accordance with the CDC, during the coronavirus pandemic, all passengers were required to wear a mask.

5. Donald Trump News Briefing — No Laughing Matter

What You Need To Know:

Tuesday, I hit the wall….of news, coronavirus numbers and Donald Trump. I had a busy Monday so I wasn’t able to watch the White House Coronavirus Press Briefing live.

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