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As Americans nationwide are receiving their stimulus checks from the government, some politicians are looking to expand upon it even further. This week, house representatives introduced legislation to potentially put more money in your pockets.

Democratic Representatives, Tim Ryan and Ro Khanna are pushing the Emergency Money for the People Act for Americans to receive $2,000 a month until the economy bounces back from the coronavirus pandemic. If this legislation was to pass, it would cover U.S citizens, 16 or older, and will include all bringing in less than $130,000 per year.

The global pandemic we are experiencing has put countless businesses and families at risk in a world that already is a struggle for the vast majority. Now with the economy itself, holding on by a thread, there will be more assistance needed than a “one time” payment. The road to recovery once the coast is clear, will not be easy.

Under the Emergency Money for the People Act, qualifying recipients would receive a $2,000 payments each month for the next six months, and qualifying families would get an additional $500 per child.

“A one-time, $1,200 check isn’t going to cut it,” said Representative Ro Khanna. “Americans need sustained cash infusions for the duration of this crisis in order to come out on the other side alive, healthy, and ready to get back to work. Members on both sides of the aisle are finally coming together around the idea of sending money out to people. Representative Ryan and I are urging leadership to include this bill in the fourth COVID relief package to truly support the American working class.”

“The economic impact of this virus is unprecedented for our country. As millions of Americans file for unemployment week over week, we have to work quickly to patch the dam—and that means putting cash in the hands of hard-working families,” said Tim Ryan. “Many Ohioans are just receiving—or about to receive—the first cash payment we passed in the CARES Act. Now it’s time for Congress to get to work on the next step to provide relief for those who have been hardest hit in this pandemic.”

Source: Complex

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