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With Mother’s Day rapidly approaching and no certain end to the coronavirus in the forseeable future, this Spring season will be different than anything we’ve ever experienced. Mother’s Day ideally entails spending time with your family, relaxing and taking in all your blessings. However, when you’re stuck in the house and not able to have a slither of alone time, self-care becomes a necessity more than a desire.

HelloBeautiful had the chance to catch up with some millennial mothers, who shared how they’re successfully managing their mental health and balancing self-care and family through the hardships of COVID-19.

“As an entrepreneur and mother, the pandemic was very overwhelming and worrisome as I watched a lot of the business I rely on to make money close down. I was also no longer able to do the enjoyable things that I love doing with my son,” publicist and owner of Ayers Publicity Kiki Ayers admits about balancing entrepreneurship and motherhood during the pandemic. “I know everything is trial and error, so I immediately started problem solving and came up with a solution that allows me to be a great mother during the day and a successful entrepreneur at night.”

In comparison to widely recognized entrepreneur Kiki, CEO and founder of Courtney Chanel LLC Courtney Mick works outside of the home. “I thrive on the work that I do in the schools and then returning home to carry on our structure and routines. With the pandemic’s stay at home orders, the adjustments have required me to blend all of my roles making self-care an even more essential necessity,” shares Courtney about her work life.

Though blending the roles of “mom” can be difficult given the circumstances and the pandemic isn’t exactly the most favorable situation to be in, she shares that a benefit in all this has been her growing ability to spend time with her son. “It has also lended to an inconsistent balance of managing work and teaching  preschool, which leads to some levels of frustration.”

On her self-care routine, Mick shares, “now more than ever, self-care looks like me ensuring that I am awake and well into my wellness routine before my son wakes up, taking advantage of his naptime for some necessary me time and being flexible when things do not go as planned. Furthermore, the licensed social worker and mental wellness speaker advises, “these times are hard and we have to allow ourselves the self-compassion to get through it. “

For Afro-Latina millennial mama Stephanie George, self-care is everything and more, especially when “me time” is a distant memory from the current circumstances of COVID-19. “I love a good nice hot candle lit shower with my favorite music, my essential oils and a glass of wine. I also have been taking this time to make natural hair and face masks, and to nourish myself since I have the time,” shares Stephanie with HelloBeautiful. “I’ve also started an indoor garden in my flat in Los Angeles and replanted my herbs; scallions and garlic. Cooking to the sound of music is my new freedom and when I feel wanderlust, I watch a good foreign film and cook something from that culture.”

Stephanie loves spending time and cooking with her son, Austen, while teaching him more Spanish and immersing him in world culture by allowing him to listen to world music. She’s also putting his baking skills to the test by cooking breads and pastas with him. As she quotes Julia Childs, “people who love to eat are always the best people”.

Aeshia DeVore Branch, the founder of Pretty Girls Sweat, has taken the time during the pandemic to be more introspective about her role as a mother. “During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s never been more crystal clear that being a mom is one of the most important jobs in the universe. I’m their protector, confidant, advocate, teacher, personal chef, hair stylist, executive assistant, coach, and so much more. Although overwhelming at times, I wouldn’t change a thing,” Aeshia tells HelloBeautiful.

She continues to describe her ideal picturesque Mother’s Day scenario, including “breakfast with the whole family, a two on two basketball game with my husband and talented daughters in the backyard, and a champagne and sushi picnic while watching a classic movie.”

Music and culture writer Mikeisha Vaughn is using her time in quarantine to hone in on fun activities for her and her four-year-old son that keep him happy and engaged.  “My son is 4 years old and quite active, so being confined to our house has been a little difficult for him. I’ve been finding fun activities for us to do together — dancing, hatching dinosaurs and a really dope kids yoga class I found online,” she shares.

As a #BoyMom, she takes self-care seriously and essentially to practice inner and outer peace. “Right now, self-care for me just looks like taking a moment to breathe and doing my hair,” tells the freelance pen pusher. Usually, I would be juggling motherhood, work and traveling, but right now I’m trying to appreciate even the smallest moments of calmness.”

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