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Ti Taylor/ UnderneathSkinCare

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Whether it be a stress-induced breakout in our T-zone or a bad reaction to a new facial toner, we’ve all experienced a moment in time where our skin was not our best friend. Skincare is truly an art – knowing what your skin likes and doesn’t like, different oils and moisturizers for the change in seasons, and even allergic reactions to chemicals in products that we can’t even pronounce. Ti Taylor, member of platinum-selling girl group Taylor Girlz, seems to have the art down to a science. She’s combined skincare and entrepreneurship to become a millionaire in less than five months with the launch of her line, “Underneath Skin Care.”

Taylor successfully managed to turn her ten-year-old skincare insecurities and passion for beauty into a million dollar business. We caught up with this rising music star about her skincare journey, her beauty secrets and her million dollar mindset.

Ti Taylor/ UnderneathSkinCare

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After dealing with her blemish-prone skin for nearly a decade, Taylor began researching products that helped clear acne. After not having any luck finding a product and becoming unsatisfied with the results she got from seeing a dermatologist, she took matters into her own hands and created a skincare formula perfect for her skin.

“I’ve had a love and hate relationship with my skin for as long as I can remember. We just couldn’t get it together before creating my own formula,” Taylor shared with HelloBeautiful. She reminisces about the first time she experienced insecurity with her skin during her pre-teen years.

“When I was in middle school. I began to experience really bad breakouts on my forehead and I hated the way it looked,” she revealed. “That prompted me to cover my forehead with bangs.”

Nearly ten years later, Taylor continues to shine in music and now beauty, cosmetics and entrepreneurship thanks to the launch of Underneath Skin Care. “For those who know me personally know I’ve dealt with acne for 10 years. I know how it made me feel. I was completely robbed of my confidence. I became so ashamed of how I looked without makeup,” Taylor confided in HelloBeautiful. 

Ti Taylor/ UnderneathSkinCare

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“Once my skin was cleared of all acne and damaged skin cells, I felt so good. I could cry because the burden that was there for 10 years was a boulder lifted off my shoulders. I know if I felt like this with bad skin, there’s 50 million other people in the world that feel the same. I wanted to help lift the burden off their shoulders as well,” she shared about her goal and the fire in her personal story that inspired the launch of her million-dollar baby.

Ti Taylor/ UnderneathSkinCare

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Taylor is even an advocate for her own product and who wouldn’t trust a product that’s worn by its founder? As her teen and young adult years rolled by, the artist began to learn more about her skin – as all of us women do. For a morning routine, she keeps it simple and to the point with her product line’s day soap and a hot rag, followed by a face vitamin, moisturizer and sunscreen.

When HelloBeautiful asked about her current beauty secret, she spilled the tea that it’s all in her own hands. “Underneath Skin Care is the biggest secret. Literally so BIG I had to share it with my supporters and the world.”

Ti Taylor/ UnderneathSkinCare

Source: @tgziam / @UnderneathSkinCare

And, so she did. She also shared the secret ingredient of Underneath Skin Care with HelloBeautiful readers. “Kojic Acid – it’s the secret,” she said about the product that is best known for skin lightening and defense against anti-aging.

Taylor launched Underneath Skin Care back in December 2019 and by April 2020 made more than a million dollars. She was even shocked at the results. When asked to describe the feeling of becoming a millionaire in three words, she simply replied, “unreal, but well-deserved.”

Taylor has a strong work ethic, which led to her having her hands in multiple streams of income from music to merchandise. Beyonce did say that a diva is the female version of a hustler, right? If that’s true, then Ti is the head diva in charge.

“I never in a million years thought my millionaire status would come because I decided to tackle my biggest insecurity,” she said praising herself. “I feel that I’m setting a great example [for young Black girls]. I’m giving young girls hope and confidence. After they watch my story and see me work, they’re going to know that they can do anything they put their mind to.They can also see how a great work ethic can make anything happen.”

Of course when starting a new business, everything isn’t fast money and customer retention straight from the gate. Taylor knew that she had a hell of a road ahead of her as a rising entrepreneur in new territory, but she handled it like a champ all her own. “When I launched my skincare line,  I didn’t have a team. I didn’t think it would get as big as it’s gotten,” she said retrospectively. “I just knew I had a story that needed to be heard and the rest would be history. One of my biggest challenges was getting all the money I made in one day to clear.”

Even with these obstacles present, she was able to overcome and overpower them all to marry her work ethic in music with her passion for her new business baby. “Being an artist gave me an advantage because it allowed me to build a team fast. Everybody does their part and brings something unique to the table,” she added. taylor also explained that as a Taylor Girlz member, her niche audience also included her loyal fans and followers. “This was a way for me to connect with them on a personal level outside of the music.”

With her new business booming, Taylor hopes to leave her mark in the beauty industry by changing people’s lives and restoring their confidence by encouraging them to “embrace their natural beauty” and love what’s underneath. Get it?

“In five years I see Underneath Skin Care being one of the biggest skin care lines in the beauty industry,” she manifested into the world on her aspirations for her skincare line. “We will be sold high in retail stores.” 

We’ll be sure to be on the lookout and keeping a close eye on Ti Taylor as a beauty boss to watch in 2020.


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