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Nancy Pelosi and the House have introduced another stimulus bill to give more Americans needed money as the quarantine continues to loom over the country.

I would bet the first stimulus check for $1,200 you received back in April is probably gone. This is the case for most Americans, who are still without work or income.

More help is on the way according to 10TV as they report on Wednesday Capitol Hill is pushing to pass another stimulus plan by Friday.

The Heros Act will set aside $1 trillion for states, cities, and tribes. Another chain of $1,200 deposits will hit individual’s or $2,400 for those filing jointly with a spouse/partner’s bank account or mailboxes. Households with dependents will receive an additional $1,200 per dependent, with a maximum of 3.

The bill will also continue the $600-per-week of unemployment benefits for individuals until January.

In addition, an 15 percent increase for food stamp recipients and for businesses, an employee retention tax credit is also included.

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Source: 10TV

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