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Us Black people are tired, okay? We are tired of waking up to another injustice at the hands of racism and police brutality. Since the beginning of the year we’ve experienced Ahmaud Arbery get gunned down as he went for a jog, Breonna Taylor get murdered after police raided the wrong home, and George Floyd get murdered by excessive force by a police officer. Let’s not forget the Karens and Kens calling the police on innocent, unarmed person for breathing while black.

Unfortunately in today’s world justice isn’t served until social media creates the next hashtag. We aren’t always aware of what happens in other cities until black people within that community spread the news. It starts from one single social media post, and then the stories of how others were mistreated by law enforcement or white vigilantes spread like wild fire.

Over the last few weeks we’ve seen celebrities speak out. Lebron James reminded us why kneeling is used as a way of protesting via an Instagram post. Kelly Rowland posted a quote by Desmond Tutu that said, “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Kylie Jenner, and Anne Hathaway have made statements to speak out against white supremacy. The message that silence is picking a side has been made loud and clear. So when brands that capitalize off of black people remain silent, it sends an alarming message.

Jackie Aina agrees.


Via her Instagram stories, the beauty influencer called out major brands like Pretty Little Thing, Fashion Nova, and Revlon for keeping it hushed during one of the key times to use their platform. In the clip posted to her stories, Jackie says, “There are a lot of brands who love capitalizing off of black culture, black music, black aesthetic, but are dead silient when it comes talking about black issues and black struggles in our community. So just as much as y’all like hanging out with Ty Dolla Sign, and Saweetie and Blac Chyna, can y’all at least say something when black people are being brutally murdered by cops? Donate to the families affected by this stuff.”

This is what happens when you use your voice to advocate for a community. Jackie updated everyone to let them know she spoke to the CEO of Fashion Nova and she “followed up with an extensive course of action,” and will have a follow-up call tomorrow.

Essentially what Jackie is saying is we need the brands that capitalize off of our dollars to use their platforms to advocate for our community. We need all businesses to take a stand, honestly. This isn’t only a civil rights issue, its a human rights issue. All people, black, white and purple, should be outraged by the way black humans are being treated in this world.

THIS is how you influence!


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