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US: Minneapolis declares curfew amid Floyd protests

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Dear Black Brotha,

I’m sorry —

I’m sorry for the multiple reruns of the Jim Crow Era,

living in terror when you’re out in the streets

Whether it’s a bag of skittles or a jog on your block,

it’s like they always got the glock and they’re ready to cock…back

We have mentally clocked out to the racism that continues to accrue

Posted up in blue,

Black brothas fear for their lives when you drive by

No — I’m not referring to crips,

better known as cops

Pigs if you will.

Rolling around the hood aimlessly,

the same way pigs roll around in dirt

I’m sorry Black brotha,

I know you’re hurting

I hurt for you

But I can never fathom the pain of multiple gun shots or a knee pinned in your neck

“I Can’t…..Breathe”


Words uttered from the lips of a Black man just living his life

But their lives aren’t worthy in the eyes of the men in blue

Anything you say can and will be used against you

“I…can’t breathe”

We will make our voices known for those who can no longer speak out due to injustice

This is America? Land of the free? Home of the great?

They say we are warranted Freedom of Speech, but if we can’t breathe our voices are muffled

Can you hear them crying when you watch them dying, Mr. Officer?

Can you hear us screaming for mercy?

Mercy, mercy, Me…rather, “Us”

Things ain’t what they used to be, or are they?

Because according to what I see,

not much has changed

Martin’s dream has become as faded as the last words uttered from the lips of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and thousands of other African American men who were slain for being Black.

Black brotha, I’m so sorry

I know my words won’t bring you back

But “lift every voice….”

I will speak the words no longer uttered from the lips that turned cold at the hands of the same man meant to put a stop to violence

Black brotha, I’m sorry

I know you can’t breathe, so let me do the breathing for you.

-Signed, Jordan Paige ❤✊🏾

Jordan Paige is a writer turned educator who lives in Brooklyn, NY. She is passionate about the youth, Black lives, and making sure her voice is heard through her writing. You can find her on Instagram @MsJordan.Paige.

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