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While I understand there’s nothing a lot of us won’t due in the quest to secure our edges, the lengths people are willing to go for baby hair is a bit beyond me. In recent years, we’ve seen natural-haired women relax just the perimeter of their hair to mimic the likes of Chilli, Tracee Ellis Ross, FKA Twigs, and a host of other women with finer textures that naturally cause strands of hair to fall around their face. Now, apparently, some women are even cutting off the hair that frames their faces to achieve the trendy look. And when it comes to this practice, celebrity hairstylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew says it’s a big no-no.

“I wouldn’t advise cutting anyone’s hairline to make baby hairs,” She told Allure. “Work with what you have. It looks more natural that way.”

As the videos above show, creating extravagant edges may work for certain styles and even particular textures, but what happens when you want to rock your fro freely or put your hair into a slicked-backed bun without baby hair? “If you are trying to pull it back, those pieces will stick up like flyaways,” Kerry Washington’s go-to stylist explained.

Plus, have you seen how much work it takes to lay your edges? Between the process of watering down, gelling up, brushing forward, and swopping back with the tiniest of brush/comb combo tool that you ever did see, you’ll easily be adding 10 minutes or more to your daily routine. Is that a permanent commitment you really want to make by cutting strands in the front of your hair to the point that you have to syle them intricately every morning?

Sturdivant-Drew is right when she says the more natural the better. And in my opinion, when it comes to baby hair, less is more. At the end of the day, the goal is healthy strands and there’s nothing protective about over-manipulating the thinnest parts of our hair on a daily basis and piling on potentially drying products just to achieve a look. Work with what you’ve got sis, and put down the scissors.


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