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High On Heels Documentary

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“In a word, a high heel is fierce, power, confidence, beauty, sexiness, and empowerment. It’s like the period at the end of a sentence.”

There’s nothing like heading out for a night on the town with your girls, dressing in your cutest outfit, styling your hair just right and topping off your look with a pair of sleek high heels. Those high heels just add a little umph to your look and have the unique ability to take confidence to the next level, making you feel even more sexy, beautiful, powerful and fierce. Whether you enjoy stilettos on date night, girls night or to give you that extra boost in the boardroom, there’s something about throwing on your favorite pair that takes womanhood to the next level.

Film director, Adelin Gasana, has perfectly captured the feeling that a sleek high heel brings women in his new documentary, High On Heels. The 45-minute piece explores this popular accessory that women have come to experience, know and love as an international fashion staple that’s evolved over the years.

“This documentary film began as a cool topic of style critique and fashion intrigue,” Gasana explained. “A couple months into production after a deep dive in research and conducting multiple interviews, the topic evolved into a nuanced subject highlighting the varying experiences of women’s lifestyle and personal expression. Such fascination led to an in-depth look into this stylish accessory that the general public sees all the time but doesn’t put too much thought into.”

High On Heels is a conversational piece that dives into the key attributes of heels from lifestyle choices and sexuality to the shoe’s history and even the health factors that come with wearing them. “As the director I wanted to take this item of the high-heeled shoe and examine it from A to Z. What does it represent? Where did it come from? How has it evolved over time? What are women’s experiences with it? And, where is it going?,” Gasana said. “I want viewers to take a glimpse into the powerful yet subtle symbolism and reality of wearing high heels and follow personal anecdotes of women of all races, cultures, and styles connecting with high heels in their everyday life experiences.”

The documentary will show viewers this passionate love language that high heels speak that, until now, has not been verbalized. This film is meant to educate viewers about the symbolism of heels while highlighting the perspective of those whose day-to-day lives are impacted by wearing them.

Gasana continued, “As a hetero-man taking on this subject matter I was simply a fly on the wall in producing this film–kind of like being on the outside looking in. Who knew a high-heeled shoe could invoke such a rich historical, societal, medical, and pop cultural discussion?”

High On Heels made its film debut on YouTube this Spring and will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime this summer.

Check out the film here:


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