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1. Donald Trump Supreme Court Nominee Could Be on the Judicial Hot Seat, Soon

What You Need To Know:

Within hours after the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, contrary to 2016, Senate Majority Leader McConnell announced there will be a hearing for a new justice.

2. Survivor of the 1963 Birmingham Church Bombing —“The 5th Girl” — Seeks Apology, Restitution

What You Need To Know:

Sarah Collins Rudolph is a survivor. She is a survivor now seeking justice. Known by many as “The Fifth Girl,” Mrs. Rudolph survived the bombing of the Birmingham church that killed four girls in 1963, including her sister.

3. Coronavirus Update: Two Indicted for Deaths of Nearly 80 Veterans Infected With Coronavirus

What You Need To Know:

Two former leaders of a Massachusetts home for aging veterans have been indicted in connection with the deaths of nearly 80 people infected with the coronavirus.

4. Record-Breaking Number of Black Women Judges Appointed in Colorado

What You Need To Know:

“Black Female Judge Magic” strikes again, this time in the state of Colorado. For the first time in the state’s history, five Black women are currently serving as judges.

5. Hip-Hop’s Role In Square’s $40 Billion Cash App Business Success

What You Need To Know:

Cash App, your rapper’s favorite smartphone-based payments and money transfer service owned by Square (SQ -3.79%) is now worth $40 billion.

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