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Columbus Ohio Downtown

Source: nford / Radio One


Yaves speaks with local veteran-owned company TLC Bug Bombers concerning bed-bugs and pests in Covid-19. 
Check out this excerpt from their site.
“Although we are a newer company, it’s our journeys that brought us here that really make the difference in the experience we provide. We can relate to the frustrations of having bed bugs or pests in your home. We started this business after finding bed bugs in our home. After paying for a very expensive treatment, we decided to get a bed bug dog to provide people with early identification of bed bugs and assist with the cost of treatment. After a few months of identifying bed bug issues and referring customers to other Bed Bug Exterminators for treatment, we quickly realized there are several companies in the local Columbus area that do not share the same values we do.

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As a result, we decided to get Licensed with the Ohio Department of Agriculture for General Pest Control and attend the manufacturer suggested training courses for our equipment with EcoForce Heating Systems. This allowed us to start providing the local Columbus area with affordable Bed Bug Identification, Bed Bug Extermination, and General Pest Control to Business and Service Industries. We are now able to guarantee our clients get treated with respect and are provided the quality Bed Bug and General Pest Control Services they deserve. Don’t make the same mistakes we did, call TLC right away and get Guaranteed Results from a company you can trust!”

Eye On The Community featuring TLC Bug Bombers  was originally published on joycolumbus.com

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