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So I had no idea that Mekhi was already teething, I did notice that he was drooling  a lot and even more than that he was a lot more irritable, and extremely fussy.

But then when I was breastfeeding him I felt something sharp, at first I thought it was his nail but I slide my finger across his bottom gums and well i found his first TOOTH had cut through!

Now his fussiness makes sense to me, and Im thinking about pausing on the breastfeeding cause Whew!!

What are some ways you soothe your teething baby?

Here are some ideas that may help below

  1. Allow you baby to eat on a chilled fruit
  2. Take cold washcloth to their gums
  3. Massage Babys Gums
  4. Give plenty of hugs
  5. Wipe the drool away so it does not cause irritation
  6. Use a cold metal spoon to allow you baby to teeth on

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