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Comedian and social media sensation B. Simone is trending yet again. The vocal 30-year-old is not foreign to receiving negative feedback for voicing her opinions. In the past she was criticized for saying she’d rather date an entrepreneur over someone who works a 9-5 job because she felt they’d be more understanding of her lifestyle. What some viewed as a personal preference, others took as her diminishing the hard work of someone who chooses a different work structure than hers. She also made headlines when she plagiarized exerts from her book, Baby Girl Manifest the Life You Want, from other Black bloggers. In a now viral video, B. Simone is under fire for saying that if a woman wants certain qualities in a man or partner, she must become them first.

Is she wrong though?

B. Simone’s delivery may have been rough, but she’s basically detailing the Law of Attraction in terms of relationships. You must become what you want to attract in order to manifest what you want. Women draft a list of what they desire in a partner, and the easiest and fastest way to attract that is to exude it yourself. While I completely understood and agreed with what B. Simone said, her history of making problematic statements put her back in the hot seat. Celebrities like Tyrese Gibson and Quad from Married to Medicine came to her defense saying she’s 100% on point. And of course, Black Twitter had a thing or two to say.

Some agreed, while others weren’t here for her comments.

I don’t think B. Simone intended on ridiculing anyone, but the examples she gave struck a cord with fans. A woman can have the highest of standards because she believes she’s deserving of them. Part of deserving those standards is reflecting them. In today’s cancel culture, B. Simone’s message got lost along the way simply because she’s the messenger. Her history of unpopular opinions and practices have stirred up so much emotion from people that even her positive messages get lost in translation.

B. Simone’s career skyrocketed after doing comedic skits on her Instagram page and YouTube channel. As her following grew, she used it as an opportunity to build a brand. She became a cast member on MTV’s Wild N Out, launched her own beauty line, started a fashion collection with Footaction, and opened a co-working space. According to internet, she recently started dating defensive end Las Vagas Raiders player Chris Smith. She’s created a million dollar career for herself as an entrepreneur, she’s possibly found love, and feels this glow up is thanks to the Law of Attraction.

What do you think? Did B. Simone have a point when she said you have to become what you want to attract? Or are we too upset with the messenger to receive the message?


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