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Tessica Brown, better known to the world as the “Gorilla Glue Girl,” has both her life and her hair back to normal after the Gorilla Glue fiasco. After some accused Brown of being a clout chaser out for fame, one online outlet was slapped with a cease and desist letter after making such claims.

TMZ reported that the @gossipofthecity_ Instagram page has found itself on the wrong end of the legal letter after alleging that Brown fabricated the entire Gorilla Glue incident for fame and money. The online outlet even shared a video of another woman applying the Gorilla Glue substance to her hair in order to debunk Brown’s actions.

TMZ has more:

The account has been posting about it for several days now, including messages and videos to both accounts — which have close to 610,000 combined followers — insisting Tessica is a liar and that she pulled a fast one … especially on those who donated money to her.

The account even re-posted a 15-minute video from another woman who claimed to have sprayed Gorilla Glue in her own hair, trying to debunk Tessica’s account. The post read, “Salute to this sister who actually deserves the money y’all donated to that liar. #girlbye.”

The outlet shared the letter addressed to the owner behind the @gossipofthecity_, who hit back and said the letter was faked as well. The reps for Brown told TMZ that the situation was very real and that they do intend to pursue all legal measures if the Instagram account continues its attack on Brown’s character.

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