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In today’s “I woke up and chose violence” news, a TikTok video of a white model in full on blackface is making its rounds on the internet. In the video, you see a woman with brown skin, thick eyebrows, defined cheekbones, big red lips, and kinky hair peal off a prosthetic face mask that reveals she’s actually a white woman with dirty blonde hair.

While it’s unclear why the model was dressed as a Black woman, I’m not sure it matters. Sometimes I feel like we’ve made it so far as a nation because we’ve had a Black President and now have a Black woman for a Vice President. But when I see viral videos like this one, or I think about the fact that Breonna Taylor’s murderers are still roaming free, it reminds me that less then 70 years ago Black women couldn’t use the same bathroom as a white woman. We’ve come so far, but not far enough.

In 2021, it should be a no brainer that blackface is not acceptable on so many levels. You can try to hide your admiration with mockery, but the amount of public apologies issued immediately after these incidents occur prove that you know better. The harsh reality is that the people who are doing these things simply don’t care. It only begins to sting when the videos go viral and their employers are forced to fire them. Once the public apology is issued, another White person will pick up the baton to exercise their racist privilege.

As we watch TikToker’s blackfish and blackface, it makes me wonder just much longer we will endure the disrespect. What do you think? Are you outraged about this TikTok video?



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