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Kendall Miles and Sandra Reynolds

Source: Kendall Miles / Kendall Miles

I admire people who go into business with their parents. As much as I love my mother, I don’t know that we’d make the best business partners. When I learned about the Kendall Miles brand, I was intrigued by her ability run a successful brand and partnership with the matriarch of her family.

Kendall Miles is a luxury Black woman-owned footwear brand that launched in 2015. Founder and CEO Kendall Reynolds pours all of her craftsmanship into creating well-made shoes and accessories manufactured and produced in Florence, Italy. By her side is her mother, Sandra Reynolds, who plays an intricate part in the company’s sales department as the Domestic Sales Director.

Together, they run a lucrative company that allows them to bond in both their personal and business relationships. I sat down with Kendall Miles to learn more about her brand, what it’s like working with her mother, and what’s next for the brand.

Kendall Miles and Sandra Reynolds

Source: Kendall Miles / Kendall Miles

What made you and your mother go into business together?

I was 21 when I decided to start Kendall Miles and was really running it as a passion project because that’s all I knew at the time. My mom really stepped in and taught me how to sell and did her best to instill business structure into the company. We didn’t knowingly go into business together, my mom just always had my back and was watching my blindspots while I was learning and growing in the business. Naturally, we just evolved into co-founders.

What is the key to making this a successful partnership?

Defining our lanes and trying our best to stay within them. I handle all creative and marketing, and my mom really helped get sales off the ground in the beginning through in-person truck shows, pop-up booths, and events. Now that we are focused on scaling eCommerce I spearhead website, social and digital marketing and she handles customer service.

Who has the most creative eye?

I bring a creative perspective for product development and brand aesthetic.
Kendall Miles

Source: Kendall Miles / Kendall Miles

What’s next for the brand?

We are currently working on broadening our product offering and developing new innovative footwear designs. We are leaning more into smaller items like anklets and scarves, incorporating padded insoles for increased comfort and men’s footwear.
Working with family is such a heartwarming and bonding experience, we get to push each other to think deeper and to try new things- always knowing that we will be there to offer support whenever it’s needed. I’ve recently stepped outside of my comfort zone and started a working relationship with an orthopedic’s factory in Italy. We are working on new technology that we’ve coined the name “cloud insole” to bring unmatched comfort with our ultra-sexy, feminine designs. Our best-selling “Foxxy” sandal will be brought back as a flat featuring the cloud insole- and we can’t be more excited! Dropping in June.
You can learn more about Kendall Miles brand by visiting their website and following their Instagram page.

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