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It was at a family/friends gathering when I discovered the hair product that would positively change my hair journey henceforth.  It was a beautiful Sunday, and I was sitting at the kitchen table conversing with my lady elders after a fulfilling meal. We were chatting about life and past experiences and of course, especially when Black women are involved, the conversation turned to natural hair. I asked if anyone could recommend a product that keeps the curls moisturized.  One Black lady who donned a fresh twist-out replied to me and said, “try Ouidad.” My forehead wrinkled in confusion. The lady read my mind and spelled the name out for me. Because the lady’s twist-out was so fabulously bouncy and holding up in the infamous New Orleans humidity, I took my cell phone out without hesitation and began my research.

When my editor presented me with the opportunity to review the products, I figured what a better time to see how my hair would react. Afterall, I have taken chances on almost every hair product ever known to mankind, so why not experiment again for the 765th time? So, I placed my bet on Ouidad…and this time I hit the jackpot!


Source: Ouidad / Ouidad website


Source: Ouidad / Ouidad website

The three things most natural-haired Black women look for in their products is moisture, frizz control, and a good deep conditioner that can nourish our curls. Because if the curls are dry and frizzy, the hairstyle is most likely going to be an epic failure. When I tested the Ouidad Coil Infusion conditioner and shampoo, I was amazed at how saturated my curls were after my wash. My hair felt soft and manageable. I was excited to do my braid out and see the results the following day. I used a small amount of the leave-in conditioner and braiding/twisting cream because my hair works best when I use the least amount of product. I braided my hair up, tied my scarf around my head, and headed to bed.  The next day I made sure my hair was completely dry before I let my curls free. While unbraiding my hair I was surprised that my hair was still thoroughly moisturized and manageable. Once I fluffed my curls into my desired hairstyle, I was sold on Ouidad products. With just adding a little oil here and there, I maintained my braid-out for a week.

Ouidad’s Curl Infusion products work best with 4a-4c curls or on natural hair that needs a moisture boost. The products are packed with butters like shea and kokum, oils like coconut, black castor, and avocado, and botanicals such as aloe leaf and sunflower seed. I highly recommend trying the shampoo and conditioner if you are looking for curl rejuvenation. Your coils will thank you.

Happy washing!


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