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All this non-stop partying must be getting to little Rih Rih. Check her out knocked out, dead asleep at her after party in London!

Take a look below:

What made the hot singer pass out cold in the club? Well, this is how her night went:

1:30am Merah nightclub in Soho

2:30am Mahiki and Whisky Mist

4:30am back to her hotel

While she was out she reportedly spent a ton of cash on booze for herself and her entourage:

On Monday night, Rihanna reportedly dropping $30,000 on booze in a mere three hours.

“She turned up with a massive entourage of about 70 people,” a fellow reveler told press. “She ordered thousands of dollars worth of alcohol, including Krug champagne, huge bottles of Grey Goose vodka and trays of Jager-bombs.”

All sounds good until the hostess passes out…

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