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COVID-19 shut down 2020, the vaccine opened up 2021, but the Delta Variant is trying to throw us back into 2020.  Employers a starting to take a stance on the COVID numbers going up again, implementing masks mandates and some are telling employees if you want to continue to work here you have to get the COVID-19 vaccination, one of those employers is Summa Health Systems.  Makes sense that a hospital system would lead the charge on vaccinating because their employees are the ones feeling the effects of COVID-19 the most.

But what’s crazy is that people ie anti-vaxxers (but they done had every other vaccine) are saying they are willing to quit their jobs and/or get fired if their employer mandates them to get vaccinated.

How does one quit their job?  How will they get paid?  How will they pay their bills, mortgage/rent?  Some that rely on social media for their factual information thought they would quit/get fired and draw unemployment.  Well if you live in the state of Ohio and believe everything your read on Facebook and are telling yourself that you will get some unemployed, the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services is here to tell you that you are a lie, and here is the truth that will do.

Don’t get it twisted:

No, in Ohio you cannot collect unemployment if you were fired or quit over the vaccine requirement !!

Take a look at the video below

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