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Beauties, if you’ve ever wondered how Draya Michele keeps her abs so toned and waist so snatched, now we’ve finally got the answer! On a recent episode of the actress and model’s new Zeus Network reality show, Doses of Draya, she shared her breakfast routine with her close friend and workout partner, Yess, and we can’t stop thinking about how to fit this meal prep into our own daily routines.

“You know what I had for breakfast today?” the former Basketball Wives star explained on camera to her friend. “Coffee, one hard-boiled egg, celery, and a spoonful of cottage cheese.” Yess then asked the 36-year-old what else she ate that morning to which Draya replied, “that’s it.” Whew!

Check out the clip below.

Now we know how the We Belong Together actress keeps her figure looking right and tight, but the question is, would you be willing to adopt this same breakfast routine to get your abs looking as perfect as Draya’s? Sheesh!

Draya’s breakfast routine wasn’t the only topic of conversation on her new reality show, as she also shared a major milestone moment in her career when she was featured on posters for her new jewlery collaboration with jewlery brand, 8 Other Reasons. “I’ve never seen my face this big,” she said of the posters. “No one’s ever done this before,” she continued. “Like no brands I’ve colaborated with, they’ve never done anythign like this before!”

Check out the milestone moment below.

Draya’s new reality show, Doses of Draya, is airing on the Zeus Network’s streaming platform now.

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