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Ruben Alvarado and Chynal Lindsey

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On the first day of the murder trial for Ruben Alvarado, the man charged in the killing of 26-year-old Chynal Lindsey, a Black trans woman whose body was pulled out of White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas, on June 1, 2019, the jury heard all the heinously gory details presented as evidence of how Lindsey died. The members of the jury were shown footage of Lindsey’s body being pulled from the lake with a belt wrapped around her neck. They were shown an autopsy report that found she died of strangulation and blunt force injury to the head, and they were told her body appeared to be badly beaten and strangled with multiple objects.

Well, it appears that those horrific details were all the jury needed to hear, because, on Wednesday, they found Alvarado guilty of first-degree murder, and on Thursday, they sentenced him to 37 years in prison.

According to the Associated Press, Alvarado testified that on the night of Lindsey’s death he took her to the lake to have sex, but he discovered her biological sex and demanded that she leave his vehicle. At that point, the 24-year-old claimed she attacked him and he strangled her with his belt in self-defense.

Imagine thinking that anyone, let alone a jury, would by the idea that he was attacked and that his natural method of self-defense wasn’t striking back with his hands or feet, but instead taking off his belt and getting himself in the position to strangle his victim with it. Nah, bruh—you found out the woman you were with was trans and you committed what certainly amounts to a hate crime and ended her life.

Fortunately, Alvarado didn’t get a jury of his true peers—which would have been a bunch of bigots who view trans people as sub-human—and instead got a jury who knows no one deserves to lose their lives to hate and fragile masculinity.


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