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There has been a growing problem with violence amongst students in schools, a problem that according to some sources that has escalated because of children returning to the classroom after a long year of remote learning because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Some Akron Public Schools teachers say lax discipline practices put them in harm’s way.  Just recently Akron Public School District and the Akron Education Association spent more than two hours discussing safety concerns and student behaviors in a meeting.  What is the solution to the problem?

A bill that would allow Ohio teachers to carry weapons in the classroom advanced in the statehouse Wednesday.  The bill also requires school employees to complete concealed carry weapon training in order to carry a firearm on school property.  read more

The bill is opposed by major law enforcement groups and gun control advocates, and supported by a handful of police departments and school districts, the House also approved a bill that would make a concealed weapons permit optional in Ohio and eliminate the requirement that individuals “promptly” notify police officers they are carrying a concealed weapon.  read more

The more alarming question is, if you don’t want children bring weapons to school, what keeps them from obtaining the teachers weapons and who is going to police the teachers that are carrying?  Is this the answer or another problem?  #SpeakOnIt

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