Black politicians are taking front stage in the political world. Obama is the President of course, but you are seeing more black Republicans like Steele and Ken Blackwell a lot more in the media. Could this mean we will see a Black Republican run Congress? Or a Republican Black President? The Freshxpress has the insight on what could come to pass.


Now that we’re in the era of post-racial America, common sense would dictate that Black politicians would seize the Obamomemtum and use it was a springboard for aspiration to higher office. Plenty of folks are familiar with Artur Davis’ run for Governor in Alabama, as well as Kendrick Meek’s run for US Senate in Florida. Depending on whom you ask, those two guys might have a snowball’s chance or a fair shot. What’s certain is that as Black Democrats, they’ve at least got a chance at garnering some level of support from Black voters.

Black Republicans, on the other hand, are experiencing a renaissance of their own this electoral season, with at least 32 confirmed to be running campaigns for Congress. READ MORE