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It has oftentimes been said that if you want something done, ask a black woman to do it; well, maybe it hasn’t been said often but it is the truth. Many times the thing that drives black women and serves as a call to action is trauma or hardship. This is exactly what drove entrepreneur Arrion Long to create a brand that would support women during their most trying times, their period, and postpartum. Although we are living in a time in which white men in tacky blue suits have the power to police and make life-altering decisions about women’s bodies, no man could never know the pain of losing a child or being diagnosed with a reproductive disorder caused by feminine care products that are supposed to offer support. This is Arrion Long’s short story, her why and the birth of Femly a menstrual care brand that offers natural period care.

In May of 2018, Arrion spent 10 days on life support following the stillborn birth of her daughter Sage. Arrion was diagnosed with e.coli septicemia, organ failure, and disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC), which resulted in her being placed on life support. Surprisingly, a few short weeks later while still recovering Arrion secured funding for Femly . in an interview with I95 Business, Arrion stated “Losing my baby was undeniably difficult. But Femly is my other baby, so I poured my love into it.” 

Femly provides all-natural products, education, and is working to increase access to feminine care products. The goal is to not only offer a product that promotes healthy menstrual care but also end-period poverty. Period Poverty is a female crisis that affects nearly 500 million individuals around the world; it is the lack of access to menstrual products, hygiene facilities, education, and waste disposal options. Honestly, it is disheartening that this is even a thing but it is which is why Arrion continues to work to end Period Poverty.

Since its birth in 2016, Femly has changed the lives of many people by selling products and stocking restrooms with free period care at locations around the country. Now Femly needs your help with a huge project set to take off in 2022. A contactless feminine hygiene dispenser that will disperse Femly’s organic menstrual products, free of charge at thousands of schools, offices, colleges, and other organizations! All they want you to do is chime in and nominate a restroom. How easy is that for something so life-changing?


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