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Philadelphia Fire in Fairmount Rowhouse 18 people killed

Source: Manwell / Philadelphia Fire in Fairmount Rowhouse

On January 5th in Philadelphia, a tragic fire killed 12 people, including eight children. The family is raising money for funeral costs, and you can help.

The organizer of this GoFundMe is the grandparent, Andrea Bronson. She lost her daughters and 10 grandchildren in this fire. Extremely sad and devastating that this one woman lost her entire family.

Click here to help with funeral costs and support for the family. 


In moments like this, between the heartache and the grief, we must find gratitude, and we must hold onto it with both hands. We must take a moment to whisper a prayer of thanks, because in truth, those fire victims could be any of us. Could be our families, could be our friends, could be our children. So be grateful.

But don’t keep that gratitude to yourself. Share it with those who are suffering. Give of yourself to the grief stricken. Pray that they find healing in this storm. Moments like these offer all of us a chance to reflect on what we’re really doing here. 

Are we here just to gather as much stuff as we can? To collect material things that can be gone just like that? Or are we here to give and take what really matters–love. If you’ve got a family to love today, tell them how you feel, tell them that you’re grateful. Show them that you love them. 

We can donate and contribute money here to help the family of the fire victims.

And while we’re giving money to aid the family, we should always make sure we’re giving love.

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