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Vigil Held For Uvalde Shooting Victims Outside NRA Headquarters In Virginia

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Today in Notes from the GED Section, D.L. gives a passionate response to Politicians’ response to the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, killing at least 21 people, including 19 students and two teachers.

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Read D.L.’s response below:

But How many times am I sitting in this very chair and how many times have we witnessed tragedies like this? How many times since we’ve been broadcasting have I done it? I can’t even count how many times it’s happened. But one thing is abundantly clear, clear, and it becomes clearer and clearer each and every time a tragedy like this happens. One is that America doesn’t give a damn about its children, we can stop pretending as we do. If the fervor the same fervor that people tried to take slavery beats a CRT out of school or tries to make sure that mask can’t be worn at school. Isn’t it funny, that Texas didn’t want to get shot, but they let him get shot? And it’s clear that they don’t care about as old people, it’s clear that America cares about all the people who vote in the greatest numbers and care about one thing, and that is their right to have these kinds of weapons in any incarnation, either. Guns, God and country or guns, God and family, either it goes, they put it above their country, and they put it above their family

And these prayers that we are so used to, why are you praying for the same thing over and over again, you don’t need to ask God for the same thing. God hears you the first time. And he’s giving you an answer. And you keep pretending like you don’t hear it. The idea is that we will let children be slaughtered and old people will be slaughtered. And do nothing is obscene. But it is quintessentially American. Nothing is America than doing nothing. We will solve all the problems we don’t have and do very little about the ones we do. They then decide on the right to great pain to take a right people were interested in people having they took great pains to subvert the court to make sure that they got their way. And now they took a woman’s right even though most Americans believe that women should have a right to control their bodies. They took that away. They did that on purpose. It was deliberate. They’ve taken books out of school, they’ve taken terms out of terminology, and they’ve made sure that they get their way. So it’s only our will that is in question.

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And the problem is more of the vote to keep them more than always concerned. It’s a single issue to them. It’s not a single action issue. But a single issue is abortion and guns and that’s what they want and the people who have your freedom the most only want the freedom to carry a gun and to tell the woman what she can do with our body. Since Sandy Hook, which is I think there’s no doubt when America any inkling a soul America wants that it had was gone that day when it allowed all those children to be slaughtered and nobody do anything about it. You know what’s happened as a result of those children being slaughtered and Sandy Hook. The result of that is that we’ve got mass shooter drills, you know what that entails? That entails teachers and children, barricading doors, and if the door is breached, then the children that are closest to the door, throw things up in the air and make noises to distract the gunman so the other kids can get away. So the best we have is that our children will sacrifice for their fellow classmates. But we won’t. We won’t even ask politicians to separate sacrifice their jobs. We won’t want let corporations to sacrifice their profits, we’ll ask children to sacrifice their lives. And that’s the best thing we’ve gotten as that was our response. Our response to Sandy Hook and our response to another such tragedy was to make sure to put the onus on children, the children, we don’t want to learn about our history, the children, we don’t want to have shots, the children, we don’t want to wear masks. And we always throw God in it. God gave Samson the jawbone of an ass. He didn’t give asses AR-15s. It is where we are in life and we’re determined to be this way. And the reason I can say that is because we elect these people that keep things this way.

Some of the greatest perils in this nation’s history and we in Georgia decide Herschel Walker should be a candidate. Herschel Walker couldn’t even get himself into the Hall of Fame. How can he fix America’s problem or have any serious contribution that is what happens? The governor in Texas made it so this young boy can have that gun. Georgia, they make it so those people can have guns and what have you. And that gun did exactly what it’s supposed to do. And all these people on social media, who will cut you off the minute you say something they think is inappropriate or against standards. How do they let hate-speak go on? How did this boy get to have a conversation with somebody in LA? And why did she not do something about it? There are too many things that we can do that outside of just dealing with guns. If you can suspend somebody, the minute they say something’s out of your standards, how can we don’t have people that track people like that? And how come people that hear these kinds of conversations aren’t held liable for what happens? That girl I don’t care who she was heard or had an inkling that something was going on, and she had an obligation to report it and she didn’t. Social media, these apparatus have an obligation to report it and they don’t.

It’s so much responsibility to go around. But what we’ve decided to do is put the onus on children to save their own lives. We’ve decided that mass shooting drills are the best we can do. When the Bible says and a child shall lead them I don’t think it means in a fight for their own lives that’s a little note from the GED section is the DL Hughley show.



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