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It seems Britney Spears can’t shake her past no matter how much she tries. Her ex-husband crashed her wedding but was luckily stopped by security.

As per Yahoo! News the pop star received a very unwelcomed guest during her recent nuptials. On Thursday, June 9 Jason Alexander, not Seinfeld related, showed up to her wedding at her Los Angeles, California home uninvited. He kept things top level toxic by going on Instagram Live as he approached the on site security inside the home. “Where’s Britney at?” he asked before being told he had to leave the property by armed guards. Thankfully he was tackled by staff and escorted off the premises. Naturally they called the authorities and the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department arrived on the scene.

“He was able to find his way onto the property and was confronted by security,” a police spokesman said. “An altercation occurred with the security officers and that’s where the battery occurred… and during the altercation an item was broken, so that’s where the vandalism comes into play. And by being on private property, the trespass comes into play.”

While Spears has to comment on the bizzare situation her legal team released a statement to CNN. “He was detained, handcuffed and I’m please(d) to report, arrested. Fortunately, Britney is safe,” attorney Mathew S. Rosengart said. “I’m livid by this security breach and am working closely with law enforcement to ensure he is aggressively prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Spear and Alexander were married from 2004 for about 55 hours before it was annulled. You can watch some of his livestream below.


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